A New F.Bomb Has Dropped!

Our refreshed F.Bomb Filter Blend features notes of Peach, Jelly and Purple Grapes.


  • 50% Ukuku, Peru
  • 50% Izube Ishurwe, Burundi

Ukuku, Peru:

This is the first year we have included the Ukuku in our F.Bomb blend, and we're thrilled with the results. On its own, the Ukuku brings marmalade, cherry and almond notes. The well-rounded profile makes it an excellent blender. Sourced from a collaborative of twenty small-scale producers via Caravela.

Izuba Ishurwe, Burundi:

This release has been incredibly popular on our single origin filter menu for the past few weeks.  The Izuba washing station is located in the small area of Runinya, Kayanza district, Northern Burundi. Izuba is an all-female producer association, with a total of 454 contributors, operated by UK based social enterprise Raw Material.
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