Menu Updates 23/05

New This Week - Passagem de Pedra #11, Brazil

One of our most exciting Brazil releases this year, the Passagem de Pedra #11 comes to us from Silvio Leite, an absolute legend in the coffee world. Traditionally Seven Seeds have not roasted many Brazils for filter brewing, but the quality of the lots we've purchased this year is phenomenal, and the PDP #11 is cupping beautifully.  

Profile:  Rich & Aromatic, with notes of Apple Pie, Guava and Rosehips

RRP:  $25 250g  /  $80  1KG

First roast Friday May 27 for dispatch from Monday May 30.

El Conjuro, Peru & Alexander Ojeda Gonzales, Peru 

The last of the Alexander Ojeda Gonzales is roasting today, with El Conjuro finishing up on Wednesday.

Coming Soon!  Roger Quispe, Peru

Keep an eye out for this brilliant, sparkling filter roast from Peru, due for release next week (Thursday June 2). Only 100kgs of this Caturra varietal was produced and Seven Seeds have purchased the whole lot.  The roasting team have scored it at an impressive 88.75.  This one won't stick around for more than 2-3 weeks.


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