Seven Seeds works on the lighter end of the scale, our aim is to roast in a way that will best showcase the inherent qualities of each coffee we source.

We work closely with the baristas before a coffee is released onto the menu to create brew recipes as well as ensure the coffee is translating as expected from cupping table to service. 

Quality Control / we cup production every day, without fail. While this is not widely practised by many roasters it's a crucial part of our roasting program to ensure everything leaving the roastery is approved.

If a roast is not tasting right, we pull it. If you ever want to join a production cupping, just let us know.

Age / we roast to order and don't age coffee for customers. For espresso roasts, it's important to get into the habit of always having coffee on hand when the lastest delivery arrives, this allows a window for the newest coffee to rest a little before you crack into it.