Website Updates - November 25, 2022

As of Friday, November 25, we have updated our store and refreshed the user experience, resolving issues that were previously causing trouble with editing the shopping cart.

We are aware of a current issue where logging in redirects you to your shopping cart instead of the intended page. This is being reviewed by Support and hopefully resolved within 1-2 days.

We do have plans to continue streamlining the order experience, however, in the meantime, the priority is making sure everyone can access the coffee and other products they rely on.

If you come across any issues or have trouble ordering a product, please let us know straight away and we'll jump on to fixing it.

If you receive any error messages, please take note (a screenshot would be amazing!) and send it through so we can troubleshoot.

If your pricing does not appear to be correct, please leave this product out of your order, and email us at so that we can add it for you and amend to the correct price.

If you're unable to place an order for any reason, please email the full order details directly to the Wholesale team at and we will do so on your behalf while we resolve the issue.

Thanks for your patience and understanding while we work to improve our portal!